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Thursday, 12 December 2019

Extra-ordinary You ( K Drama)

Just finished watching this drama. The song still there in my mind. I really love the OST!! 

The drama is not that heavy. About school life, a little bit slice of life from ancient times and also comics. I used to think that this drama is just another cliche high school romance but IT IS NOT.

I love the plot. It is not boring and we want to wait until the next episode about what had happened. A little brief about this drama. It is about how the characters on a comic book realised that they are in a comic world where they need to follow what the writers draw them although they don't like the story of the comic. The conflict happened when the writers decided their life and love but they fall in love with another person that is not on their storyline. It is really great. I love how creative and twisted it can be.

I, myself would not imagine that a person can make a great story about the comic world. Kudos to the scriptwriter especially. Looking forward to another drama from both protagonists from this drama because they are so good!


Family Will ALWAYS Be There

Financial problems can be so stressful. Problems come without inviting. Stress is attacking and "happy" is long gone.

When we are in the most desperate and lowest. The person that always there is our family. Everyone has their own shit going own, same with ourselves, but when we look back the person that stays beside us is our family.

Let us ask ourselves, "How many times we always choose friends before family?" I used to think that friends are "fun" and "freedom". How much I am so wrong now. I still remembered my mom used to tell me that I maybe think that friends are everything now, but one day I will realise that family is everything.

Some people might say that not everyone has a kind and loving family. There are toxic family too. When I read other people story about how toxic their parents or siblings, I cannot stop my tears because I am forever grateful to be blessed by a really great family.

Friends will come and go. In this life, there are many phases. I used to be a school kid going to university students and now adulthood. Friends change and will not be able to be there all the time. But the family that Allah has given to us since the beginning of our existence will always always be there for us.

This has opened my eyes and hopes that can help open other people eyes to always make our family a priority. Family with great Islam background is indeed a blessing. I will not trade that with anything.

I will make dua every day to Allah to always protect them, give them a long-lasting age and healthy life. I love my family.

I will cherish my family first until I have my own family. I will be there for them first before anyone else.

Saturday, 7 December 2019

Invest on Myself!

I subscribe GYM! I hired a personal trainer! I buy the most excellent skincare!

One thing that makes me happy these past few days was that I have self-aware about taking care of myself. I always overthink about others that I don't have time to think about ME!

So, for the first time, I invest some money to take care of myself. Well, some people might say that you don't have to spend a lot on self-care. But I decided that I want to do that. It is also like a GIFT to ourselves because we worked really hard and we deserve it.

It is also called "investment" meaning that we will see a better self for these upcoming months.

I am so happy when I did this. I realised that I never spend this much for myself. After this, I will spend more on my self-care!

One thing that I learned is that although we are investing in ourselves, the self-discipline also is so important. We cannot be lazy and always be consistent! I hope these upcoming months will make me more consistent.

I hope GREAT RESULT too!


Extra-ordinary You ( K Drama)

Just finished watching this drama. The song still there in my mind. I really love the OST!!  The drama is not that heavy. Abo...

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