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Saturday, 7 December 2019

Invest on Myself! ( December Boost Self Confidence DAY 5)

I subscribe GYM! I hired a personal trainer! I buy the most excellent skincare!

One thing that makes me happy these past few days was that I have self-aware about taking care of myself. I always overthink about others that I don't have time to think about ME!

So, for the first time, I invest some money to take care of myself. Well, some people might say that you don't have to spend a lot on self-care. But I decided that I want to do that. It is also like a GIFT to ourselves because we worked really hard and we deserve it.

It is also called "investment" meaning that we will see a better self for these upcoming months.

I am so happy when I did this. I realised that I never spend this much for myself. After this, I will spend more on my self-care!

One thing that I learned is that although we are investing in ourselves, the self-discipline also is so important. We cannot be lazy and always be consistent! I hope these upcoming months will make me more consistent.

I hope GREAT RESULT too!


Wednesday, 4 December 2019

Silent ( December Boost Up Self Confidence DAY 4)

Talking too much also can harm us. This is actually not really tips to boost up self-confidence but more to self-aware about what we can do to have a good relationship.

DAY 4: Silent

I believe a good relationship with someone somehow will boost up more our inner confidence. Imagine that we have a negative interaction with someone, we will be more scared to present ourselves.

I noticed that when we talk too much either to justify ourselves for a good thing or actually argue to defend ourselves is actually a terrible move.

Yes, we have a mouth to defend or to talk, but we need to look at who we are talking to.

Let's talk about the family relationship.

Have we used to argue in the family?

The argument in the family happened when we talk too much, or in other words, both parties talk too much even when both of them did not want to really listen or understand each other. EGO is the word. Ego is real in family conversation as well. The misunderstanding that leads to the ego.

Sometimes we don't want to understand who we are talking too. In mother and daughter relationship.  A mom will be superior because she is a "mom". But sometimes a mom also needs to hear what their children need to talk about especially a young adult child.

As we get older, there are a lot of things going on with our life. We scared, and we need help, so we seek from our parents. Parents should understand the pain of their children in their mid-life crisis. But the child also needs to not give up. Don't let the emotions make us not thinking wisely, and relationship with parents will be dull and full of despair.

So I learned that in any situations if there is nothing good to say, we remain silent. Especially when it comes to talk to our parents.

We all may argue with certain people. Not just family but maybe with our colleagues and even close friends. Let us be the one that silent. If the situation is not good right now, let us be the one that need to be silent.

I know it is so hard. To stand there and listen to something that even we don't want to hear. We can ask to talk about this later, but in some cases, an angry person will just roar at that time. So I learned we need to be silent. Just for that time.

This is applicable to all relationships not just between family.

I believe a good relationship at home (with family) will really present us well to other people as well.

If we happy at home, we will be happier outside of our house too.

Tuesday, 3 December 2019

Pat Myself (December Boost Up Self Confidence DAY 3)

Today, I did really good. I was able to become productive! I didn't even notice how time flies fast, and I got to learn something valuable today. I intend to do this every day. I can gain something even though it is small every day.

DAY 3: Pat Myself!

I also realised something today. I did really well that I congratulated myself. I even praised myself, and I even said to myself that I will buy a gift as a token of appreciation to myself if I can excel this for one month. These words, to myself, actually bring positivity and good vibes throughout the day. I am so happy. 

Before this, I realised that I always speak ill about myself. Argue within me about something. Always say bad words to myself. Then I noticed that my day will be so dull and I just want to sleep. How what we said to ourselves really affect us in many ways.

I used to listen to this one talk, but I did not remember where or when. It said about in a situation with our friends, when they had problems we intend to have a moment and think the right word to say to them so they will not get hurt. We always tell those positive words to encourage them. Sometimes we just silent and just listen to our friends' problem. We only there for them.

Then, the speaker asked, "Do we do the same to ourselves?" 

She said again about we always did that to someone else, but we did not think about it when coming to self-talk. She asked, "How many times we will always say those negative words to ourselves?" 
We always said, " I am not good.", "I should give up" or "I am such a loser, this is embarrassing." These words come to us unconsciously. 

Why are we so hard with ourselves?

Why we did that to the person that closest to us: ourselves. Why are we making our own heart hurt more with those filthy words? We know that words are hurtful. Why can't we just stay silent for a while and just listen to our own heart? Be there for dear self. Why can't we? Why do we hate ourselves so much?

So the speaker said that we should treat ourselves better. Start with talk only kind words to ourselves. Well, that talk did change my mind. Today I discovered that talk good to ourselves really boost up the confidence and we smile a lot.

We should do that! From now on, I want to be there for her (myself). I wish to pat myself every time I did well. I will say:

"Aida, you did great" while patting my shoulder. 

If things didn't work out. I will still pat myself and said:

"You did well Aida! You can do this!"

Invest on Myself! ( December Boost Self Confidence DAY 5)

I subscribe GYM! I hired a personal trainer! I buy the most excellent skincare! One thing that makes me happy these past few days was...

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