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Friday, 3 January 2020

Realistic Resolution 2020

We all went through some shits last 2019.

Same with me too. Sometimes the thing we went through is something we could not put it into words either in conversation or writing.

Well, what I can see is that maybe we all are too hard on ourselves before. We put so much 'high expectation' to ourselves that when we did not achieve it, we start blaming. When we looked at our friends' massive success on Instagram, we began to question our worth. Well, that is what I reflect on myself. I believe there is someone who might read this has the same things going on to them.

Therefore this 2020, I decided to calm down.

Calm down in giving me the hardest time for all the things that happened. I am 25 this year, and I know this is the year I'll be looking so many things that I'll think I won't get it this year.

But I am learning to take it slowly but show progress. I will not compare my achievement with someone else or compare THEIR success with mine. Thinking back all the blessings that I had before, I am far more than grateful. I love the quote I saw on Twitter saying that.

Remember the dua or the thins we hoped before, but we get it now?

Well, this opened my eyes and heart. There are things that I did not get but for sure that there are a lot of things I got too. I just refused to see.

Therefore this 2020, instead of making huge goals which are also useful to boost up ourselves but probably we need to look ourselves too. We can dream but don't make it into a nightmare.

If it is tight, then stop and figure other things out. ALWAYS has another plan.

So I am making 2020 resolutions are more realistic. I list it out on my journal. Things that I know if I wanna change I need to change my habit first.

So here 2020, Happy New Year!

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