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Tuesday, 3 December 2019

Tokyo Tarareba Girls ( J Drama)

So today I just finished watching this drama. It was not long, only 10 episodes but surprisingly I got a lot of moral values and learning from it.

Firstly, a little synopsis about this drama when it still fresh in my mind. It is about 3 women on her 30s life journey. We all know the stigmatisation that saying 30 years old lady should have a great job and a husband and probably have cute children of their own.

But these 3 ladies did not have that. All of them are still single and yeah, some of them did not have a fix job. They've been friends since high school, and they always have "girls night out" to share their problems. They still have this "What if" stories going on after regretting something. "What if I married that guy?" What if I did not reject this guy". They always talk about "what if" until a guy from the bar asked them to keep quiet and called them TOKYO TARAREBA GIRLS: meaning Tokyo "What If" Girls".

It is a great drama. I love realistic and have moral values drama. This is one of them. So from this drama, it really knocks on my head because in 5 years I'm gonna be 30 years old. I still don't know what the future might hold. I did not have any relationship with anyone at the moment to plan a marriage? I do have a dream to get a 'Dr' title before reaching 30 years old. But still, we can expect, but we don't really know what will happen.

From this drama, I noticed that happiness are different from everyone. These three ladies might don't have a boyfriend, but they have each other. They always have each other back. I envy that. We still want to fulfil other people expect that we need to have these things by 30 years old. I don't like that as well. So I will take it slow. I will focus one by one. Upgrade myself first, go and give back to society. And all of the things like marriage or success in the job will come into places.

One day we will look back and "Wahhh everything working out somehow"...

This drama is perfect for a person with a crisis! It opens our eyes and our heart to just be you!

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