Saturday, 7 December 2019

Invest on Myself!

I subscribe GYM! I hired a personal trainer! I buy the most excellent skincare!

One thing that makes me happy these past few days was that I have self-aware about taking care of myself. I always overthink about others that I don't have time to think about ME!

So, for the first time, I invest some money to take care of myself. Well, some people might say that you don't have to spend a lot on self-care. But I decided that I want to do that. It is also like a GIFT to ourselves because we worked really hard and we deserve it.

It is also called "investment" meaning that we will see a better self for these upcoming months.

I am so happy when I did this. I realised that I never spend this much for myself. After this, I will spend more on my self-care!

One thing that I learned is that although we are investing in ourselves, the self-discipline also is so important. We cannot be lazy and always be consistent! I hope these upcoming months will make me more consistent.

I hope GREAT RESULT too!


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