Saturday, 30 November 2019

We Are The Same.. except..

I used to think that the test Allah has given to me is so big! So painful and I can't bear it.

I cried and ask Allah "Kenapa berat sangat ni?" I don't know what to do. Is this the way Allah wants to say that He Loves me? I am forever grateful with what Allah has given to me, but sometimes the test that comes with it is unbearable. 

But then I looked at these pictures:

Even Asiyah dealt with peer pressure

Even Prophet Isa was raised by a single parent.

Even Prophet Yunus felt like there was no way out.

Even Prophet Muhammad grieved the loss of loved ones.

When I look and read all these famous names, I can felt that we are all the dame. We are a human being that Allah S.W.T has created. We are all the same. 

But what makes I am different from them? 

Iman and Takwa.

My iman is not as high as them. I am so weak. I am sad and lost,  but I never did anything. I should pray more. Ask His forgiveness MORE! I should depend on Allah MORE. 

I am so ashamed of myself. This world is temporary. The people, the feeling and everything. Why and WHY I think so much what happened here? Why did I not TRUST HIM? 

I am so sorry. We are all the same, but I will try my best to become better and has excellent iman like them. 

Maybe not as strong as them. But I believe the more we give our heart into it, the stronger it can become. In shaa Allah. 

Let us pray for stronger iman each day. 

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